It’s rare that the digital version of a game captures the miniature or board game feeling of analog vs. digital, but with Mordheim for iOS and Android the port is pretty much spot on…

…and being a BIG fan of Mordheim it’s a great way to search for some wyrdstone and crack some heads at the same time. I use it to both play for fun and lolz, while using it as a trainer for my tabletop games.

One can experimenter with warbands and equipment much quicker and level up much quicker vs. the tabletop version.

My current warband?

The Sons of Sigmar… 

Captain with an elven blade, full plate, and flintlock pistol.

4-5 regular men with long guns and helmets.

Skillz in black powder mastery, max BS skill, and move and shoot perks.

Line up in a firing line at choke points in missions where the opposing warband comes to me, slowly advance in a skirmish line if I have to advance on an objective or flush out a warband.

With the perks to fire every turn it deals out 3-4 damage on a dude per turn, with a chance to kill them outright. If the opposing warband has to cross open ground even if I don’t kill somebody it starts to force morale checks.

Right now vs. Skaven that can advance and hide well there is a problem if one of the rat-men make it into my firing line- my Captain has to put him down in one turns so he has the multiple attack + fire a pistol perks.

While such a mono-build is FUN, there are a few challenges. While there are a ton of maps and a few different deployment zones in the game, it does repeat- there are certain maps that I try to avoid in the mission selection as they favor close combat and places to advance while hidden.

For those familiar with tabletop Mordheim how does the game stack up?

It’s a good port.

Some of the quirks of the tabletop are written into the code. Most of the weapon special effects are in the game, and getting wounded or killed is ported directly. Mordheim is a grim place, and warbands can get wiped out forcing you to start over.

The only thing lacking and it is a major thing is the number of Warbands- three Old World mercs and Skaven. Possessed, Witch Hunters, Undead, etc. are coming, and of course are DLC (fair enough), but when? The game NEEDS these other warbands ASAP for the game to move from money grab to an actual community type game.

Long live the Old World!

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Eliran · November 17, 2017 at 10:07 AM

Nice to hear your positive input on it! I got some pdfs of Mordheim stuff awhile ago and I was flipping though it, I’d love to try the physical game out sometime. This looks like a good substitute in the meantime. Have you tried out the other digital GW games? I’ve been curious about the Warhammer Quest one, but I’ve heard mixed things about it.

    Wargamer Fritz · November 17, 2017 at 11:02 AM

    I have WHQ 1 for the iphone and android- both are solid dungeon crawlers and have that Old World flavor. Missions are a bit short, but with the random side quests and random dungeons there is enough to play and grind without it getting boring.

    WHQ 2 end times is just out- planning on getting that next.

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