So what is Mechs Vs. Minions doing on a “serious” wargaming blog?

Well MvM kind of counts as a wargame…

…dudes are piloting a stompy mech blowing stuff up and taking on bad guys.

It even has dice!

What brought my attention to this game was that I started my journey looking for something VERY specific for pickup board gaming nights.

Most of my board gaming is with the same solid group- we like and play the same stuff; Conan, Pathfinder ACG, Aliens Vs. Predator, Zombicide Black Plague, Dark Souls.

But occasionally I’ll play or run stuff with an open group. We just don’t know who is going to be sitting down at the table, what their gaming likes and dislikes are, or even their experience in the hobby.

Occasionally I’ll run something like Conan cold, but it is always VERY hit or miss, and these days I tend to lean away from it for pickup games. Conan is very specific in what it delivers and if you don’t have the right group it’s not going to be a hit- and I’m not putting the game down, it is FANTASTIC and I love it.

So I was looking for something that everybody and anybody can play.

I also wanted it to have enough tactical replayability- the wargamer in me.

And I wanted it to be a premium experience- fun, fast, and awesome theme and components.

Enter Mechs Vs. Minion.

Lot’s has already been said about this game, and in future posts as I make my way through the campaign I’ll be sharing my tactical analysis of it from a wargaming perspective, but this post is about the components and how I feel this game totally disrupts the gaming industry to throw around a phrase that all the VCs like to use.

Excellent and fun gameplay aside for the moment- and that is important.

The components are the best I have ever seen in a board game- everything painted and washed. Gloss game boards and cards. Metal tokens, custom dice, a box with fully organized and closing trays. No buy a $100 dollar game and spend $100 for a flimsy laser cut organize to use with it.


If RIOT can sell the game direct for $75 why can’t other games produce this quality?

I know they are cutting out the distribute and retail costs by selling it themselves, but they can’t be taking a loss on it.

I look at some of my other games and wonder why for a 100+ they can’t have similar premium components.

Are we entering a time in board gaming soon when everything will be pre-painted and top quality.

Delux collectors edition become standard.

D&D Adventure Path Tomb of Annihilation has premium pre-painted edition.

Would be GREAT given my wargmaing habit of painting all my miniatures to not have to paint a new board game.



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