Legends Of Andor Review: RPG Board Game

It took me a while to realize, that unlike wargaming where you can control the scenario and experience based on how big you want the battle to be, when it comes to board games you have to really get focused and specialized.

As a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, mostly the Dungeon Master, sometimes a player, I enjoy role playing games, character development, beating up baddies, and grabbing the loot. Getting that experience in a board game is great for those times when one can’t go full D&D or RPG.

Does Legends of Andor deliver this?

Depends on what you are looking for…

‘Legends has you exploring different quests to accomplish objectives (no spoilers) while defending the castle against approaching monsters. There is a timed track as you play through the game, so not only are you on a mission timer, but new stuff in the story is unfolding as the game progresses.

It’s a neat and very slick system emulating a Dungeon Master/GM.

What it is or is not vs. other games.

For comparisons in my collection it is NOT Dark Souls the board game- you are not running around basing monsters, grabbing all the loot, and gearing up for an end game boss run- although Andor has that, that is not the focus.

On the opposite end it is not Gloomhaven where everything is puzzled out, optimized, and is essentially a fantasy-euro game.

Andor is kind of in the middle. It has combat, loot, and bad guys, but that is just a part.

It has puzzle solving, and figuring out what is optimal each turn, but not such a length or tedious equation as found in Gloomhaven.

It is somewhere in the middle- a story/puzzle/tactical board game that tells an RPG story in a true co-op package.

As a mainly solo board gamer I find Andor like Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game is hitting my table a lot. It is that middle ground of action and puzzle that works. I can set it up and play it at a slow pace over a couple of nights making those puzzle decisions while getting in some hack and slash.

Send the warrior here, dispatch the wizzy there…

I’m glad I found it as I should have been playing it long ago…

…and for the completionist like myself there are a few expansions.

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    1. I don/have not yet- but a friend backed the second run of it- looking forward to trying it out, seems like an amazing game. I’m doing Gloomhaven, he is doing City.

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