Legacy Of Dragonholt Character Review & Who Reads The Adventures


I’m starting my second solo play through Legacy Of Dragonholt with a human character names Obsidian Rex, who is a blend of magic-user and thief, or perhaps an assassin-mage…

What I’ve been enjoying the most about Legacy Of Dragonholt, from a role playing game / character creation game perspective is just how seamless making hybrid characters is. You can play a straight up fighter, but a fighter/mage, or fighter/stealth build- skills and classes all mesh.

Perhaps a diplomat swordmaster?

Running solo gives me more skills, so having a solid set in two groups should open up some additional options as I explore around and run the quests. I’d also like and plan to retry a few of my previous choices to see how they will now play out..

On a side note, there has been some discussion, when playing with a group, who reads out the passages from the book.

Sometimes there is a player in the group with a good Dungeon Master / Overlord / storyteller voice, and if they want to roll with it I say go ahead.

My voice may or may not be sexy depending on what you think of my podcasts, but I have lots of experience in reading stuff as a game master and as a public speaker / sales person so I can do it.

If there are a few in the group, we share and take turns.

A few times we just pass the book around the group, but there is some sensitivity ahead of time to see if each player is OK with reading in a public like setting. Some players just like to play along and enjoy the ride and that’s cool.

Worst case, I take over.



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