One of the narrative features of Kingdom Death Monster is the random nature of the game, combined with some VERY unforgiving boss fight and settlement elements. Add to this layer dice based mechanics with limited way to influence the dice, re-rolls, etc. and you have a very challenging game.

Just how far can your settlement make it?

What is the strategy for making it to the end lantern years?

We can’t control the random, but what can we influence?

Ironically at the start of the game, that starting gear of the founding stone is some of the most powerful tech in the game- don’t make the mistake of throwing it away during the intro white lion fight.

The true power of the ‘stones is that when thrown they automatically hit and crit.

Don’t waste this on the first fight!

Naturally we want to do well on the first fight- not lose any survivors so we can at least start our settlement at +4 returning survivors. But if we lose one or suffer serious wounds there is still plenty of time to rebuild.

Where the stones come in handy is in some of the later CRAZY hunts where even if you are geared up correctly can you afford to lose or have crippled one of your leveled up and skilled characters? A few of the fights need to be finished as quickly as possible to minimize the random hitting you back.

Saving the ‘stones also give you a chance at one last push if your settlement starts taking a turn for the worst- a chance to win and farm an easier fight to get some much needed resources and raw materials to rebuild.

Trying as best as I can I like to save them till the mid lantern years at a minimum…

…if I can.

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