Gloomhaven Board Game Replayability

Building on last week’s GLOOMHAVEN post, the next natural question in checking out the game is asking what the level of replayability is for the game.

What place would the game have in your collection, and just how many times can you play it?

Let’s take a look at a few key points, and as always, NO in-game spoilers…

First is the massive scope of the game…

There are a 100+ mission in the base game to play, vs. 10-15 missions for many other fantasy dungeon based games. Before we even *get* to replayability one would have to make it through the entire game first.

Layer over this the character classes, and discovery of them. You start with a fixed set of classes, and as the game evolves, and you unlock progress, more become available.

And finally, within each class there are multiple tactical options and builds as you level up.

Just one play-through has most games with the highest replay value beat.

Making it through the game, one can follow up by exploring any of the missions with any of the classes and combinations, and in both campaign play and outside of campaign play there is a way to generate random dungeons.

That is in the core game alone- adding on the first expansion, and TONS of fan content over that, it will be a long time before one has to worry about replay value.

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