Dungeons & Dragons Temple Of Elemental Evil Painted Miniatures

I enjoy the Dungeons & Dragons adventure system games for what they are- a quick setup, random dungeon crawl set in the D&D universe.

ToE was on sale for a good price, and I knew it would make a good board game club game- something to play with the group, have fun, and not worry about how deep or euro it is.

As such I definitely wanted to paint up the miniatures to give it some tabletop presence with the group. Something simple and quick, since these minis are going to take a ton of abuse and use getting played, and I don’t want to worry about having a meltdown when they get dropped on the floor, misplaced, or used by the D&D guys for RPG games.

In all the pictures, the base plastic colors look odd, and I was worried about this- green for the baddies, blue for the bosses and heroes. The green color shows good detail, but the blue figures just get washed out in the color- they are detailed but almost impossible to see due to the plastic color.

Just a quick wash on the minis alone would go a long way if one didn’t want to paint them.

First step with these guys is to always wash them first in hot water and lots of soap to get off any mold release or other film on them- same with my Descent miniatures. Basing is just some rocks and glue. Thought about just basing them black, or maybe some stone design with paint, but I find textured basing for miniatures, even when quick and simple helps make them pop and frames them nice.

Easy enough to do.

Priming is next, and this is where my supplies in the hobby chest are a bit low.

Normally I prime black as it is easier to cheat with painting and shading, but all I had was some gray- good enough.

But what colors to paint them?

I’m really tapped right now having just finished up adding a ton of chaos dudes to my Warhammer 40K army, and finishing the last of my Battletech lances.

All I really have at the moment is a set of World War II German infantry colors- late war for my Chain of Command figs, and a few primary colors- red, green, etc.

Let’s see what we can do…

A bit darker in the pictures, better ones to follow as I play through the game a bit. I hit them with some clear varnish to help make them last getting mass gamed with.

Lots of creative use of German field grey…

Prepare for adventure!

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