Dungeon Saga Board Game Tactics

Four against one, the burden of the Overlord is never easy, and in Dungeon Saga the so-called “heroes” are going to do their best to ruin your vision…

Welcome dungeon crawler enthusiasts, in this post I’m going to share with you a few winning tips that I have used to stop the heroes cold as they make their way though the dungeon in Mantic’s Dungeon Saga game.

Naturally each mission has its own goals, but regardless of the mission, as the overlord I am running two main strategies at the same time to stop the heroes.

The first is that the heroes are always on a timer- moving through the dungeon they have to make it to the end or achieve their goals in a set time. This favors the overlord/necromancer if you can block their progress.

Spawned enemies are there to not only cause damage, but have more value to fill the hallway and stop them from moving- forcing the heroes to attack and miss, and expend action trying to get past.

What are the coke points in the dungeon and how can you fill them with deadites? With that, spawning new undead AHEAD of the heroes is always better vs. behind. They can’t run away from what is running towards them.

Second strategy is of course to cause damage and cripple a hero to win the game. Played “correctly” a strong party will lead with the barbarian and the dwarf, keeping the wizard and elf as ranged support and in the back.

Naturally the elf and wizard are weaker, so the temptation is to spawn stuff behind them and target them.

The challenge with this, is that it is hard to spawn enough minions to deal enough dice damage to take them out, and the ranged support of them often means your dead will get blasted before they can get close. PLUS this works against the first strategy of spawning stuff ahead of the party to block them.

As much as I hate it, for the most part I ignore the wizard and elf unless they walk into my dead or give me an opportunity to attack that I can’t resist.

This leaves the dwarf and the barbarian.

Dwarf has high armor, Barbarian has better attacks and less armor.

Target the barbarian- he will fail those armor dice, as much as it is picking on the Barbarian player…

Bring out your dead!

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