Dungeon Saga Board Game: Into The Deep

Pushing further into the dungeon, aiming to strike at the heart of the Necromancer’s power, the four heroes of the saga are now united as one party…

Far from linear, this part of the dungeon hall has many interconnecting rooms and dead ends, with the players having to navigate to the other side before time runs out, and the Overlord’s power washes over the dungeon.

The dwarf and the barbarian take the lead, encountering some token undead. As the Overlord, there is nothing I can really do right now to slow them down, so let them pulp some zombies. Maybe I can get the wizzy to waste a few spells. Tactically this is a chance to see how the players are going to work as a team- see if any of them are glory seekers or run off and look for treasure types. Something I can later exploit.

More dead as they push into the main hall- where a zombie troll is waiting. One of the “tactics” of the game, with the bigger base models that can’t make it through smaller halls, is to park them at the entrance to the chamber and block with them- get the players to beat on them with a single character and hold them up, while the overlord clock is gaining power. As long as I can activate the troll each turn, and additional skellies are a bonus.

Dungeon Saga is interesting tactically in that when a skeleton is destroyed, there is a chance it is not removed from play, but rather becomes a pile of bones, ready to resurrect again by the Overlord. This means as the players push forward, there is a chance to catch them with raised skeletons from behind. Something to keep in mind, but not the main strategy for this adventure.

Barbarian steps up as the two trade blows back and forth. The rest of the group led by the dwarf go off searching for another way around…

 I’ve been saving my cards up to this point for a rez bomb of undead, which I unleash on the group- grinding them down and forcing them back into the upper halls.

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