Dark Souls Board Game: Gargoyle Mini Boss Run

Warrior and assassin run vs. the Gargoyle.

Why the warrior and assassin?

Character balance in the game, based on how loot randomly drops favors one tank type character, and one support type character. While I have fun playing both the knight and warrior, they both compete for the gear drops, meaning one will be stronger vs. the other, yet both have to get up close and attack.

One tank and one support work best, or in a 3 player game one tank warrior/knight and two support Assassin +herald.

Randomly set out the tiles, randomly assign encounters and we are on our way. Two tiles in both encounters have a treasure chest reward- an amazing start since this give you some gear without having to spend souls. Most games you will get a single chest drop, some games there are none. Rare to get two, I’ve never gotten three.

Spend some souls to grab some more gear, and I randomly draw some amazing set items for both my warrior and assassin- I don’t play with any weaksause house rules for items- you draw what you draw, grind and git gud.

That said it is a large deck to draw from, lots of items so to draw a number of perfectly matched items, plus two chest in- this is turning out to be an amazing run so far- one worth seeing to the main boss fight.

I’m down to one more bonfire rest and then a run for the boss- but being Dark Souls, I’ll probably leave the last rest just in case I fail on the Gargoyle despite my great gear.

My characters:

Assassin is going assassin-mage style- I’m trading dodge for both fireball and firebomb magic damage at range. Hang back, blast and move and I should be safe…


Warrior drew the Dragonslayer axe which demanded some souls to have the stats to use and the sunset armor is a good start for resisting physical damage. Would like to have upgraded the shield, but I can grab that at the start of the main boss run.

Only thing lacking is some gems to slot in.

Mini-boss fight next…

Praise the Sun!

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