Dark Souls The Board Game: First Spark Run-Thru

Prepare to die!

Welcome unkindled to a four party solo run- through of Dark Souls the Board Game. I’m randomly picking the mini boss and the main boss so there is no custom tailoring gear to fight. This is going to be a git gud run, and maybe I can even do the mini boss in one spark…

Gargoyle is going to be the mini-boss, chosen at random. He has some good gear for the Warrior to kit into, and is one of the easier mini bosses to fight with his minion cards spawning three one soul encounters and one two soul encounters.

Most likely no Sentinels running around.

First few encounters go as planned. Some traps and a few challenging ranged encounters but the team can handle it. As the souls pile up, especially in a four player game I like to spend the first few encounter sparks just on drawing items- get enough of a pool of items so not only is there a good draw, but we can begin to see what each hero needs to work towards, or if we are going to take one of the heroes into a different class build. Second half of the souls are spent on leveling up the heroes.

Early draw is some interesting paired gear- I did SUPER shuffle the treasure cards so when one gets a good run like this truly the random dice gods are smiling.

Hornet Ring + Fireball + Sorcerer’s Robe means our Assassin is going to go all in on magic and become a techno-mage-assassin build. Spear is a good starter weapon for the herald. Shard just needs to right weapon- we’ll bank that for later.

Last encounter is a two soul difficulty so one needs to be a bit more careful. Watching how one expends flasks and re-rolls/luck over the first few encounters. Two of the encounters have treasure chests which help so much in a run- that is four extra items one does not have to spend souls on. The last chest drops a pair of gems…


First run ends with the Assassin coming out ahead in terms of gear- going all magical, an EXCELLENT start.

Warrior comes in second finding a decent enough axe was can slot two gems into +1 damage and bleed.

Herald will eventually pick up the spear, will hold off on socketing them till we draw a better weapon as once you do they can’t be taken out.

Poor knight finds no good items, and no reason to start bumping stats- but at least he starts out with the best armor so for now against the Gargoyle I can get away with just upping his weapon.


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4 Replies to “Dark Souls The Board Game: First Spark Run-Thru”

    1. Yes! I’m just starting to look through them now, especially interested in a proper sorcerer class since at best I find myself turning the assassin into one, which is fun, but then he is not an evade-damage-dealing assassin. I also heard about the delay on wave 2, which I think they could have avoided. Like many KS projects I feel like it was a HUGE project to do, they lack the staff and now have to focus on future products and KS stuff before even finishing Dark Souls. I missed out on the KS, so that means retail, which is OK, but if wave 2 is delayed that pushed retail delayed, so no DS stuff by January 2018.

      Sad face.

  1. I would love to buy this game, looks great, but is too explensive for me. Maybe i will give a try to The Dark Souls: The Card Game that will be released in September.

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