Board Gaming: Making Mistakes During Gameplay

Zombicide: Invader

I was making good progress on the mission, collected some good gear.

Two xeons spawn points on the south side of the complex, one on the north side. The mission was to flame one of them- finding the hidden spawn point.

Playing the odds, I decided to head to the south.

I made quick progress through the north side of the complex, blasting some xeons, grabbed some oxygen tanks, exited the airlock and gained entrance to the south complex.

Spawning xenos and moving them on the map I realized I made a mistake…

Where I *thought* there was a door in one of the north rooms, there was a wall.

This mean my progress through the north part of the complex was quicker- I was able to bypass a number of rooms on the way to the airlock.

What to do?

I find that when I’m deep into a game, if I make a mistake, or miss a rule, I just keep playing it *as-is* for this go around.

Often it is hard to backtrack in a game, and even if it is possible, certain spoilers or events may have already been revealed.

In this case, the shortcut benefited me, but it would also benefit spawning xenos as they could use the shortcut also.

Clearly the balance of the mission was off, but we play it as-is.

Often in board games we find condition based rules to give more tactical options to the monsters, encounters, or bad dudes.

Stuff like poison, paralysis, knockdown, etc.

Same thing if I forget one of these conditions- don’t play it this time, but next time a monster spawn play it.

Keep the flow of the game going, no taking things back!

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