Your Craziest Battletech Moment?

BATTLETECH is a game of awesome tension.

Massive war machines firing lasers, missiles, and cannons- taking tremendous amount of damage.

Mech with limbs blown off, leaking internals, smoking, burning, and still fighting to the end.

One never knows just what is going to happen in the game, and every now and then, by my odds 1-12 games, something extrodinary happens- smashing the dice gods, breaking the Vegas odds, and turning the flow of the battle in a single moment.

Your craziest BATTLETECH Moment?

A trail of possession.

My two Summoners- Thor and Loki take the field.

They engage a Daishi for a few turns- skirmish with it so my Elementals can get into a better position…

…at least that is the plan.

Daishi fires off missiles…

Two (two!) hit Loki.

Right arm.

Center torso (crit)- snake eyes.

Roll for crit.


Three crits. (!)

Roll for critical damage.




Loki goes down in the first round of shooting.

Crazy Battletech.

Sad-face Fritz.


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5 Replies to “Your Craziest Battletech Moment?”

  1. Set up campaign mission for my player. Plains with heavy fog, objective is to get infantry to a building in the middle of the map. They run mediums (it’s what they have). I want to up the ante and make them understand they can’t win a stand up fight here and put 3 clan assault mechs on the field, patrolling.

    Player Mad Cat III opens up with double LRM 20 salvo at the enemy Executioner coming their way. 15 missiles hit, against all odds in the heavy fog. 5 hit the left arm. 5 hit the head. 5 more hit the head. Pilot is still conscious. Player rolls for potential crit. 1 crit. Cockpit.

    Executioner destroyed by a single salvo of LRMs on the first turn by a Mech half it’s size. Players clean the other two assaults up after downing the first with little problem. Infantry storm the base after all enemy mechs are killed. Unfortunately it was the last mission I could play with that group, but dang, it is was nuts.

  2. First round of fires, clan Vs inner sphere. Buddy who plays with us is a horrible dice roller even before this event. So his Thor gets nailed by 2 peepers, no sweat. Then came the PSR. Needed a 3 or higher. snake eyes. Rolled for location, snake eyes, Rolled for crit, box cars. 3 engine hits. Done. This was the worse of his dice rolling, but he has that kind of lucky when it came to battletech.

  3. Piloting an 3025 Era Archer: First round of combat random hit with a single LRM to center torso (critcal hit) one engine hit and gyro hit, thus follows many rounds of humiliation. Walk forward, fire a single LRM 20, walk forward (cool down), repeat…

  4. Using a Wasp during a campaign, an Atlas MkII took the field, seeing as my mediums couldn’t do much to it, I decided to try and see what I could do in what little time I had left as the Medium Mechs I had picked away at the convoy I had to eliminate.
    Using a Wasp, I use Death From Above, forcing a PSR.
    Pilot fails, falling down a hill.
    Roll for damage?
    Cockpit destroyed.
    That Wasp Pilot was upgraded to a Phoenix Hawk and survived another 14 campaigns before an AC10 and 2 PPCs all hit the head in the first turn of combat while he piloted a newly stolen Mad Cat MkII.

  5. My lance of heavies was squaring up against a lance of similar weight. In 2 turns back to back, my Marauder Pilot headcapped a Jagermech and a Rifleman, both in pristine condition, and both falling within one hex of the other. And thus, the callsign “eastwood” was assigned.

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