New Battletech Starter Set 2018

As a BATTLETECH enthusiast who has more mechs and toys vs. can be reasonable played at one time, is your collection ever complete?

News is filtering out from ComStar about the new Battletech starter set which is scheduled to release in spring 2018.

New mechs, new hex maps, and rules, sheets, etc. The mechs are new sculpts, similar in mold to the two “premium” mechs of the last set, and the hex-maps going 3D are very interesting.

As a completionist I’m naturally in, but the new mechs also make this an auto-include in my opinion. One set= a new merc or House lance right there.


Which also pointed me over to this hex map picture below, credit given for the pic if I knew who’s table it was:

Why didn’t I think of that?

THIS is why you guys in the Battletech community are awesome, giving new ideas all the time!

Most games I play on a wargaming table, but now I’m going to make up some small trees, buildings, and terrain to add on the hex maps so I can get a bland of hex map + wargaming table to play.


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