The biggest “problem” with BATTLETECH is that there are so many fun mechs to play, and never enough time to play them all, plus once you think your mech collection is done, it isn’t…

I’ve been finding that the Urbanmech is a great lolz mech, it’s slow, it “only” has an AC 10, can’t remember the last time I fired the small laser, and as a light mech lacking the speed to protect itself, how is it going to stay alive on the table?

Tactically I find that the mech benefits from the HIGHLANDER effect, that classic scene where¬†MacLeod¬†was fighting the Fraser’s and nobody would engage with him since the Kurgan had singled him out.

Nobody really bothers to engage the Urbie since everything else on the table is more of a threat.

If I can get him into a good position early in the game- meaning using terrain to limit how the opponent can approach, setting up those lanes of fire for the AC 10 and then fire away with no walk/run modifier, and hopefully no cover modifiers, the AC 10 does very well. Sure, you can do perhaps even better by taking any other light mech or vehicle for the battle value, but it’s not as fun…


Until you piss off the wrong mech warrior, but even then the Urbie makes a play.

With its annoyance level = high, many players will send something above and beyond to deal with it, which means that mech is not shooting at your other mechs- can you tactically take advantage of that?

When that happens the Urbanmech stands its ground and just tries to hold up, surviving and burning as many game turns as it can.

Urbie FTW!

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