Building Your Battletech Lance

Working on building some new BATTLETECH lances…


They start with the kind of mechs on the table.

When I’m building a new lance for the first time, I like to take out all my mechs, put them on the table, and divide them into three groups.

The first group are the Fritz’s favorites. The machines that I enjoy playing regardless of the meta, or mech design. Mechs that I have been playing for years and have history with. Battlemaster, Marauder, Warhammer, Longbow, Thunderbolt- mostly Inner Sphere unseen, now re-seen tech. Da Urbie Duke of Death is 100% in this group.

Tales of his exploits can be found here.

Second group are all around solid performers. Solid anchor mech, machines that if one if only looking at the rules vs. what is most optimal as a choice. Examples would be the Wolverine and the Catapult.

Solid mechs.

Third group is the experimental tech. Mechs that have some unique features, but to use those features requires a *very* specific scenario or tactical setup- stuff like the Vulcan or the Firestarter.

In building a lance I take a mix of the first two group, playing some of my favorite toys, while having a solid base of performers to make up for any of the quirks or non-optimal-meta of the first group.

From there, based on the battle value, I’ll take one or two mechs from the third experimental tech group, and challenge myself to pull out that tactica on the table, but with the balance of the first two groups, not putting the overall mission objectives in danger by taking a very specialized machine.

On a side note, regarding the visuals of the game, the new grassland hex mapsby Catalyst are fantastic in terms of the printed visuals of terrain and the hills. I was a bit skeptical at first, being used to the older heavy cardboard maps vs. ones printed on paper. But the paper is heavier stock, is holding up fine, and folds up smaller to fit in the Armored Combat box set. Wish they would print out some new sets quick, but at this point it looks like new maps will be post-Kickstarter delivery after the clan box set and mech packs.

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