BBL: Battletech Battlemaster Back Lasers

“Incoming Davions, hold the line, fire at will as soon as they are in range…”

Rear mounted lasers and weapons- in the past I’d use them once a while, they mostly seemed like a novelty at best, and at worst wishing you have that weapon front facing as you square off against mechs.

Its taken a good string of games with my Battlemaster to both appreciate them and unlock how to use them effectively.

Your thoughts?

Battlemaster gets stuck in, slugging it out with multiple opposing mech- supported by some of my own mechs and vehicles of course as no lone mech is going to last very long regardless of weight class.

The medium lasers in the back are not there to engage mechs- they are there to engage the low battle value backstabbers in a list- stuff that moves fast with autocannons or SRM packs to get rear armor.

Fast stuff that is going to get rear armor no matter what.

Fast stuff that is actually vulnerable to a medium laser hit- VTOL units, vehicles for motive hits, lightly armored skirmish mechs.

I’m using the Battlemaster as an anchor mech, being mindful of both the rear and forward facing weapons for those opportunities when something get behind the lance.


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  1. Most of my experience with rear mounted guns comes from the wolfhound. I’m a much bigger fan of the WLF-1A , which mounts an extra heat-sink in place of the WLF-1’s rear-mounted laser. To me, arm-mounted weaponry is a much more versatile answer to flankers in your rear arc, though the best answer is, of course, don’t let the enemy get into your rear arc.

  2. Me reading a TRO- Back lasers??? In a BLR??? What a waste!!!


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