Battletech Tactics: Whitworth

Whitworth or worthless?

The Whitworth seems to have an interesting reputation online as a 2nd tier medium mech.

Sure on pure battle vale alone, or competitive optimization certain mechs are going to pull ahead on each weight class, but is his mech’s reputation deserved?

I often field it and find it an EXCELLENT support mech for the battle value.

982 BV gets you 2 LRM 10 packs and 3 medium lasers with 10 ‘sinks for heat management.

As you move into the medium weight class I feel that at 1000 battle value one needs to start making some hard decisions- +1K or greater BS starts pushing you into heavy mech values, so the 982 of the Whitworth is a good level for me.

2 LRM 10 packs means it can offer fire support running in with your close in mechs, or throw some extra LRM weight if you have dedicated long range support. Two packs start to build in some redundancy with the dice, and personally I only start looking at LRM missiles if they come in 10 packs. Naturally I prefer 20, but can work with a 10-15 spread. LRM 5 packs need to be something specialized in terms of battlefield role.

3 medium lasers means you can put out a bit of hurt at close range- if you are adding to the fire support of your long range mechs that are hanging back and something drops or moves in to stop that the Whirworth has the three medium lasers.

Likewise if you are running in with your close in mechs after you let fly some LRMs on the way in, switching to the three medium lasers in nice- and IF you can get rear armor 3 lasers spreads out the damage nicely.


Perhaps the lack of hands, but this isn’t a brawler mech.



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