Battletech Tactics: When To Start Shooting

Target in range…

Open fire!

So just when do you start sending some shots down the table in Battletech?

Generally speaking as soon as you are in range, you start shooting- most of the time these will be AC 2/5 shots or long range missiles.

Perhaps only a few in the lance or battle group.

A soon as I’m in range I start shooting for two reasons.

First is that everybody has a plan until they get hit- and I want my opponent to know I’m ready to engage. As soon as the shots start flying, one tends to get a good idea of what the opposing plan is- what mechs are continuing to walk into range, which ones are moving to the sides or holding position.

Long range shots can begin to give you an opposing battle plan.

Second reason, is Battletech being Battletech, means Battletech stuff can happen- head shots, critical hits and other wacky stuff. Sometimes you get luck far out, and if not, at least we will get some armor bubbles checked off.

For many mechs, long range reach out is limited to one or two weapon systems, but for dedicated long range mechs we need to watch the pace of fire.

Just how fast is your opponent moving, and how fast can they move if motivated?

If I’m running dual Archers and Lonbow mechs- 120 LRM missiles a turn, firing everything constant at long range could put me in trouble if my opponent can close fast and I don’t have any blocking units- like Demolisher tanks or a heavy multi-role mech like a Warhammer.

So I’ll still be firing as much as I can, just on a more sustained pace.

If my dedicated support mech is immune to heat build up, certainly its the max shots every turn as soon as they are range.

Taking fire means you are over the target!

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