So that got me thinking just a little bit- I find that in general during the closing phase of the game, I tend to try to take out mediums or lightly armored heavies if I can to whittle the numbers down and let me out-action the opposition. If I could shoot up a Hunchback, Dragon, Rifleman as we are coming to close range, that is one less mech I have to worry about making physical attacks, and I can position my mechs better. Do you tend to do this as well? How do you prioritize your targets?

Pulling this week’s BATTLETECH tactica post from the comments, and interesting consideration.

So what are my general target priorities?

I first see if my opponent gives me any low hanging fruit- is there a mech that is a bit far out or unsupported to the side.

A lone wolf I can corner and put down that isn’t a trap or time bait- an example, of which I try to do, is run around with my THORN mech with the LRM 5 and shoot missiles hoping to get a few mediums or a heavy to give chase to me, pulling that opposing mech of the line so my incoming heavies have one less to deal with.

Second to that I generally try to spread my fire around for a turn or two- literally see what the dice gods give me.

Maybe I score a luck crit, or hit a left/right torso with three or more shots, now REALLY weakening it.

Maybe I do a ton of leg damage?

If I can spread it out and see what damage is done- I then focus on that mech to take it out, as best I can given the shifting battle.

I want to go with what the dice give me since if I can knock out a mech, or tank, etc. that means my opponent now has one less unit to move during the initiative phase.

if I can knock them back a few like that, that is a HUGE advantage.

That’s why taking some infantry stands just asĀ initiative sinks works so well. Of course this might be considered a bit beardy, andĀ  many have house rules how infantry are handled, perhaps even giving them their own sub phase to move.

Final layer is to modify target priority based on the mission parameters.

Target priority thoughts?


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