Battletech Tactics: Support Vehicles

Instilled in the rich narrative of Battletech is that the game- the combat system is based on combined arms.

Absolutely mechs are KING of the battlefield, but there is also a place for tanks, infantry, and other support vehicles.

As you expand your mech collection, and develop a tactical play style that you enjoy, consider adding some support vehicles in your collection & game.

Two vehicles to explore is the mobile HQ and the coolant truck.

As support vehicles they carry minimal armor and weapons- a flamer, machine gun, and perhaps a single medium laser, but tactically they, and other support vehicles, act as a force multiplier for your lance.

The mobile HQ offers a bonus on the initiative roll, and the coolant truck hooks up to mechs allowing them to dissipate heat or fire hotter.

Lots of interesting advantages and design quirks for respectable battle value.

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