So when do you start rolling those dice and start blasting away in Battletech?

What got me thinking about this post was last week’s post on the Hunchback- how there is this duality of needing to get as close as you can to fire the AC 20- as you want to hit, and need to strip away as many modifiers for that- range being the big one, yet at the same time the potential damage of an AC 20 scares and mech, so we want to start firing it as soon as it is in range- even if you need a 12 to hit.

Do you fire as soon as you are in range, or wait?

Another example- the Awesome mech.

3 PPC’s, excellent damage and good range, but heat issues on the mech.

Generally I’ll start firing as soon as I’m in range, but only one- put some potential damage on the table and get any opposing mechs a bit worried. If what I am engaging is a bit slower, maybe I’ll fire two, if fast, only one.

I want to keep the rate of fire ready to fire all three if it is fast mech and closes with me.

LRM mechs like my Archer and Longbow- all the LRM’s every turn to rain down the missiles either direct or indirect fire.


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