Battletech Tactics: Shadow Hawk Vs. Griffin

It’s an iconic mech in the BATTLETECH universe.

55 tons.

Decent speed, jump capability, and well armored for a medium mech.

Is it a Shadow Hawk or a Griffin?

This week’s Battletech mech tactics post has both of these iconic machines going head to head…

…let’s crunch the numbers.

For these two mechs, it’s going to come down to range and the skill of the mechwarrior in maintaining optimal range, while trying to prevent optimal range from the other mech.

The Griffin is a powerhouse at long and medium range- the PPC having the damage to punch through armor, with the LRM 10 in support to soften up armor and start crit seeking internals once something punches through.

Shadow Hawk has some range with the AC 5 and the LRM 5, but not even close with the damage output of the Griffin at a long range bracket.

So that is a game we can’t play- running and gunning at long range will eventually have the Griffin scoring some hard hits.

That leaves the Shadow Hawk to close and try and do some softening up and crit seeking on its own.

At medium to short range the ‘Hawk can fire away with the AC 5,  SRM 2 and medium laser- three changes to hit.

What the Shadow Hawk needs is to get close and stay close- force the Griffin to fire adding on minimum range modifiers and forcing the push the heat.

But not that close, tipping the tactica where it is better for the Griffin to charge and brawl it out.

Shadow Hawk vs. Griffin- your thoughts?

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