Battletech Tactics: Rommel

Across the spectrum of mechs, vehicles, and infantry support in Battletech, there are certain units that I would say are auto-includes in your collection.

Units that are solidly built for specific roles and work well on the table with a wide range of tactics.

With regard to tanks, the Rommel is one of them.

Armor to rival heavy and assault mechs.

Mounting an AC/20 on a turret- the most powerful weapon in the Inner Sphere.

LRM-5 for long range work, and a small laser for close range work.

All for ~960 battle value.

The biggest threat of the Rommel is that with its heavy armor and AC/20 it can push ahead and challenge medium and heavy mechs hex for hex.

In a defensive position- cityfight, or even hanging out in heavy woods it become a real challenge, waiting to blast anything that comes into range with the autocannon, while plinking away with the LRM 5 at range.

Having the AC/20 mounted on the turret means that threat is a full 360- nothing is sneaking up on it.

Use it as the tip of the spear, or as a literal defensive bulwark.

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