Battletech Tactics: Pushing The Heat

When do you push that heat to the limit?

Building on yesterday’s post of Warhammer Vs. Marauder and how heat on these mechs paces firing both PPC’s. Check out the post here.

In terms of heat management I’ve gotten MUCH better over time and temperament. It’s not that I don’t understand how heat works, or the dangers of ovreheating vs. pacing your machine in battle, but rather as a player I tend to take risks, and like to shoot big guns all the time- fun time is many other games, and dangerous path to take in Battletech.

For reference in the Warhammer 40K universe I’d be an Ork Loota, and in the AD&D universe I’d best be described as Chaotic Neutral.

I’m usually willing to take a slight movement and shooting modifier with heat given that most heavy mechs that I play don’t move that fast, and I try to close the range as fast as I can.

When you only move five inches is there a big difference in moving one less vs. firing more stuff for a few turns?

Does a mech always need to be at 0 heat?

That said, there are a few times where it didn’t willingly end well.

At the Oberon Conference my Dogs of War were tasked with opposing House Davion in the recovery of some los-tech.

The third recovery operation did not go well for the ‘Dogs and my Stalker was quickly surrounded with nowhere to escape and was soon to take internal damage…

Stalker vs. Stalker I NEEDED to inflict some crippling damage to at least slow the pace of the battle, and MAYBE, big MAYBE, turn it around.

So the Stalker mechwarrior flips the hard wired override switch to go manual, and fires every single weapon at close range.

Have you every had a Stalker fire everything at you- even the LRM missiles at danger close range?

Imagine that…

Forget shutdown, my Stalker blew with nothing to salvage…

On a narrative note, would any sane mechwarrior do such a thing? Not many insane mechwarrior family lines would survive to pass down a Stalker.




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4 Replies to “Battletech Tactics: Pushing The Heat”

  1. You must have been desperate beyond desperate to do a true alpha with the Stalker!!! The heat builds up so fast on that mech.

    The thing with Battletech is that when you tell the stories, the epic fails are usually the ones that make the very best tales.

  2. I prefer the STK-3H or -4N variant or the stock version. Though my favorite would be the 3145 Stalker II with all that hardened armor on its chassis.

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