This post is entirely my good friend DAVE’s fault…

I’ve been playing Battletech for a long time. It’s a game I love, but like many of us, we get into the culture of the game based on when we start playing. My early exposure to Battletech was the classic and cityfight starter set, and with my friends we always played lances of mechs.

Sure, there were tanks in the game, air support, and infantry somewhere, we just didn’t play them, which works as one of the strength of Battletech is that you can play the game any way you and the team likes.

Meeting Dave through some other wargames we enjoy playing I stealth introduced him to Battletech, figuring if we could get a game in every now and then, alongside Chain of Command, Wings of Glory, and All Quiet On The Martian Front, life would be good.

But long time Battletech players know how this goes…

Get a taste of piloting your mechs, and soon you own dozens of them…

His coming to the game didn’t have that early baggage of mainly mechs only- pulling from Total Warfare, everything was on the table…

…including infantry, which I have to agree are an amazing support unit in the game- I’m at the point where I believe they should always be included in your list for the tactical value they add vs. the battle value- beyond even just being an initiative sink.

First primary observation- the longer the game goes on, the more powerful infantry become. At the start of the game they are weak, a few points of damage, or a few low point groupings of damage.

You ignore them or run past them.



Mid game, when your mechs are beaten up a bit, those pesky LRM shots or close in SRM/Laser shots now become quite annoying. With only 10 points of armor left on your weapon supporting arm, you don’t want to eat a 5 point damage shot from some unwashed dispossessed infantry dudes running around.

Then we get to end game, where mechs are running around with side armor blown out, fusion engines leaking, and you are rushing to crit that opposing mech with all the dice you can.

Taking damage from infantry is suddenly deadly, you should have dealt with them at the start of the game, but you had time, you had bigger high value targets to deal with like that Warhammer or Atlas.

Now all those small damage infantry hits are suddenly beast as they find all those internal armor shots…

…and if they can start swarming your mech, more problems…

When can you not afford 3-4 stands of infantry?

And that’s before we get into the narrative of the game.

The humble infantry or jump soldier, in a future-tech world of giant mechs, tasked with the impossible of taking them out, holding objectives, and launching desperate attacks.

I’m BEYOND tempted to start a full infantry company of the dispossessed- 20 or so infantry stands, a few transports, a few autocannon infantry pieces…

Let’s be honest, you can never have enough BATTLETECH stuff…

Every game is an excuse to start a new army for your collection…

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