Is “classic” Battletech a board game or a miniature wargame?

How it started vs. how it has evolved?

Hex map vs. no hex map?

Your thoughts?

While I in no way speak for the entire BT community, from what I see on the forum and playing locally is that most players use miniatures and a more traditional wargaming setup vs. the hex maps.

Personally I seldom use the hex maps, but they do have a place in select situations.

Coming from a full wargaming background of Warhammer 40K, X-Wing Miniatures, and Warhammer 40K I’m used to a fully 3D and immersive battlefield of trees, hills, ruins, and blasted no-man’s land.

Playing Battletech with miniatures, it feels natural to play that way, but there are a few challenges with line-of-sight, facings, and rules once and a while. BUT since we aren’t playing in a tournament setting this is easy enough to work out.

Of course with full tabletop terrain one has to build it and transport it, plus set-up time.

Hex maps are more portable and there is no question about facing, range, etc.

Hex maps also take up less space, if compact playing in a store or club means no full sized wargaming table.

The “hex” solves it.

I use hex maps as a “training” mission scenario when introducing new players to the game- a quick scenario about movement, range, facing, etc. before  moving to a full table.

Hex or no hex?

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Jordan Hubbard · November 28, 2017 at 7:41 AM

I learned the hex map system and I’ve almost always used it, for the reasons you mention above. It’s more transportable and easier to set up. I’m teaching my son to play and it is so much easier to explain movement points and hexes than the non-hex maps. Non-hex setups look TONS cooler, though, and I might be able to move to that when we get more advanced in the game. KEEP TALKING BATTLETECH FRITZ! 🙂

    Wargamer Fritz · November 28, 2017 at 3:33 PM

    You guys keep me PUMPED and focused on Battletech!

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