Battletech Tactics: Hardest Mech To Destroy?

Balancing out the Urbanmech post from last week, this week’s BATTLETECH post swings over to the other side with a vote for the hardest mech to put down in the game.

Keeping it at inner sphere/sucession wars era, and barring a lucky critical hit or head shot, what is your vote for the mech?

Also, take into account damage output of the mech, making it a major threat on the table, which means we are looking at both heavy and assault mechs.

My vote, based on tabletop experience- the Marauder 3D.

Drop the autocannon and replace it with a large laser and more heat sinks. Now we have an all energy mech that doesn’t have to worry about ammo explosions- either from heat or critical internal damage. This allows the mechwarrior to not only be a bit more aggressive, but also if and when needed push the hear a bit more- not having to worry about heat-ammo explosions.

For me the MAD-3D displaces the Awesome- and I love and regularly play the Awesome. But those 3 PPC’s start to shut down at close range- the 3D can play both the long and short range game, and the punch from the large laser pushes it above the Awesome in my opinion.

Your vote?

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