Battletech Tactics: Fighting The Clans

On the BATTLETECH front the invasion of the clans is underway.

Initial reports of this new tech is amazing…

I feel like, in a fun-against-all-odds way that I’m piloting WW I planes vs. WW II planes.

Or perhaps the feeling the fist time the Allies encountered an  ME 262?

My observations from my first battle?

Better armor, more speed, and better heat management on the clan mechs. Is there even a clan mech that can overheat? Something with Stalker like wepaons that is good to fire all each turn?

On some weapons the clans also seem to outrage my LRM support mechs like the Longbow and Archer. This means that I might not always be able to sit back a few turns and soften stuff up with LRM fire first.

Biggest challenge for my IS mechs?

Pulse lasers and enhanced lasers. -2 on the dice modifier and a few more points of damage with each shot fired. This means I get hit more often and for more damage.

I feel like I HAVE to close quick and fast so at least I can get to mass medium laser range. Taking three or four turns to close, I just can’t take that kind of damage going in and not dealing with damage back.

I also need a way to deal with clan mechs just backing up to keep me out or range or at long range longer.

The plan?

Heavy mechs are OK. But what about taking medium and light mechs. With the clan firepower, range, and -2 to hit on pulse lasers and streak missile stuff, will the speed factor of my lights really save them?

Will my medium mechs take damage faster vs. lasting to the point they are effective?

Next few games I’ll try them out.

I’m feeling that IS tanks and infantry are going to be a BIG help. If the clans chew through armor so fast on mechs, at least with tanks they cost less battle value- and on a few builds I can get more weapons on the to at least keep up with the clan output by stacking more weapons and dice.

Motive hits will be a problem.

Will infantry be KEY?

Dropping in lots of infantry behind the clan mechs so if they back up on the table to keep at range they get swarmed with infantry.

Infantry hot drops en mass?

TOTAL WARFARE has just been taken to a new level.

AND there is now the decision of what clan I’m going to play?

Jade Falcon?

Is there an online Battletech clan personality test like those Facebook personality tests?

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4 Replies to “Battletech Tactics: Fighting The Clans”

  1. Heat is definitely a problem on that Vulture, and last game my MadCat had some trouble with heat as well. There were several shots at the end of last game that I missed due to the heat penalty.

  2. I’m biased, but I think you’d absolutely love playing with the Kodiak that the Ghost Bears use. Ultra AC/20, a boatload of ER Medium lasers, An ER large laser, and a pair of streak SRM6 packs to crit-seek with

    1. In terms of clan ‘tech I am really interested in the Ultra AC and the streak missiles- streaks seem really devastating, especially if I can get close and “lock” on without any range modifiers to mess it up.

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