Battletech Tactics: Example Of Unit Synergy

An example of unit synergy in BATTLETECH- units compliment each other not only in working to protect the role of each other, but also to bring enemy units into situations that favor the units working together…

I’m a believer in the power of indirect fire in Battletech- leveraging the range, damage, fire rate (heat) of long range missiles against a variety of targets. Taking units with the ability to indirect fire means you can always pull off a shot- most weapons requiring line of site.

(Indirect fire does need a spotter, lots of ways to go this- a lead mech, a scout mech, perhaps even a stand of infantry or two dedicated to spotting.)

Outside of mechs, I start with two LEM carriers which give me a base of 120 LRM missiles a turn. Taking two carriers builds not only missile volume but redundancy. Two build enough dice that something is going to hit even with indirect fire…

…and if the dice roll lucky.

(opponent shudders).

Of course any opponent facing them is not going to let me fire off 120 missiles a turn- they are going to send something up there to blast my carriers- I’m going to get those carriers up there in terrain or LOS blocking stuff, as close to the center of the table, and rain down the pain on your mechs and minions every turn.

What you send up against the LRM carriers will have to navigate against two demolisher tanks. Again redundancy, this time with 4 X AC / 20. The short range of the AC / 20 is negated by forcing an opponent to get close to the dug in carriers.

In a way those carriers are bait, with the demolishers as the trap- but in this case the bait is also firing back every turn.


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