Battletech Tactics: Best Urbanmech Variant

A few posts back we explored using the Urbanmech in BATTLETECH as a viable machine, moving past the lolz of fielding one on the table- still bonus braggin rights if you loose your mech to an urbie.

Building on that post, what are some of the mech variants or upgrades one should consider to boost this mech?

We are exploring inner sphere tech right now, as once you get into clan tech that takes the mech above and beyond, as it does with many other mechs that have severe limitations.

If you are into tinkering with your mechs, perhaps you explore some energy builds with large and medium lasers?

Challenge here, and I’ve tried it is the reduction in range and damage output even if you can fire more stuff at closer range.

Your mech is still slow, and still lightly armored.

Lighter energy mechs with a few lasers- say like the Jenner, use speed to get into position, they are dynamic.

The Urbanmech is a static mech- it gets into a good position on the table, in terrain, with good lanes of fire, and blasts away each turn with the autocannon. Given its speed, and no way to really fix that, the Urbie really ins’t going anywhere.

This brings us to the stock 60L variant, which I see (inner sphere) as the only variant worth swapping- it drops the gunz for one AC 20.

Question: How do you get close ti bring that AC 20 in range, when you are a slow mech?

This can *only* work in a city-fight, or terrain heavy table. Urbie gets into a position where mechs and vechicls *have* to pass and BOOM.

Even being slow, having an AC 20 on legs to move and walk around is tactically sound as you can get into position.

A walking AC 20 for 470 battle value?

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  1. With Succession Wars tech weapon selection, you are limited in what you can mount on it. You can go twin Large Lasers on it (~600 BV with either 14 or 15 heat sinks) or you would have to either reduce its engagement range or add minimal range, both aren’t really good options.

    A quick upgrade is to remove the 11th heat sink in the head, which the Urbie doesn’t need, to free up 1 ton to tinker with.

    1) Apply 0.5 ton to up armor the front so it can withstand a single 10-hit salvo to any frontal location and then use the remaining 0.5 ton to upgrade the small laser to a Medium Laser for 529 BV.
    2) Strap on an extra Flamer for anti-infantry work or setting buildings on fire for smoke cover. The extra anti-infantry gun helps as the Urbie was designed when the rules would make AC/10 kill 10 infantrymen per hit. 509 BV.
    3) Shave off another 0.5 ton of armor off to replace the Small Laser with a Medium and add a second Medium Laser. Now the Urbie has a potential damage of 20 per strike (enough to force a PSR) while still retaining range to 15 hexes. This is BV expensive at 555 BV though.

    I’m not too fond of the AC/20 R60L because it only has 5 shots, reduced range and reduced armor. It is a sitting duck outside of its ambush environment and having an AC/20 elevates it to a priority target instead of a nuisance.

    In later I.S eras, the R80 variant with the Snub Nose PPC is a good cheap Ambusher, especially when you can also use its TAG to call in an Arrow IV or Semi Guided LRM salvo…

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