Battletech Tactics: Best Light Mech Lance

This week’s Battletech post has us exploring light mech- mechs that are a combination of speed and weapons- the best mix in the light mech tonnage range that make them an “auto include” in a lance.

The type of light mechs that you can’t go wrong taking regardless of mission and play-style.

Focusing on Succession era, Inner Sphere era/tech for now. Clans of course change the game.

Before we explore my four picks, a bit about the meta used in my decision making process…

Light mechs are about the speed over armor. Even at the higher tonnage range armor value is low. One could battle back and forth with another light mech, maybe take a round or two with e medium mech, but going against heavy and assault class machines- you will be crippled in one turn, and scrapped in two.

Speed- stacking those to hit modifiers by moving lots of hexes, while staying at range so your opponent has to stack the modifiers to hit is what keep you alive- we want those to hit rolls to by 10, 11, and 12s.

Light mechs need to be fast so being at the higher hex speed spectrum is the first attribute. They don’t have to be the fastest, but need that speed.

Second with weapons, on the higher end of damage for the tonnage, and weapons that can take advantage of the positioning and shot value that speed can get them.

Third is trying to balance and keep down the battle value- while getting good weapons and speed in balance has a cost, it won’t be Locust cheap, but light mechs should cost light mechs and not a slight discount from medium mech values.

Read for my picks?

Jenner is up first.

It is really fast, has good armor for a light mech and has an SRM-4 and 4 medium lasers. Is there a better, more rounded light mech? Pilots have to watch the heat, but one can fire everything at once for the alpha- putting out as much potential damage as or a bit more vs. medium mechs. 875 BV is high, about as high as we want to go for a light, but the Jenner is worth it.

Valkyrie is my second pick. Good speed, jump jets, a medium laser and an LRM-10 with enough ammo for the game. An LRM-10 on a light mech has bite. Hunt down those run and gun light mechs, get into position for some annoying and effective indirect LRM fire, or run and gun yourself with the LRM 10. 723 BV has it a bit less vs. the Jenner- most of the cost in getting an LRM 10 on a light mech.

Javelin at 594 BV is my third pick. A very unique setup with 2 SRM-6 packs in the chest. This wan’t to get you close- close enough you might as well be punching. Enough speed to get behind other mechs and fire point blank with the 2 SRM-6 packs and punch away for a 1 in 6 head shot- all at rear armor.

Final pick is the Commando at 541 BV. Good speed- as low as I’d like to go in a light mech, combined with hands for punching attacks and an SRM-6, SRM-4, and a medium laser- a nice spread of damage weapons at close range.

Your top 4 picks?

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