Battletech Tactics: Best 4 Medium Mech Lance

Mechcommander, you have the resources to build a lance of four medium mechs tasked with engaging a variety of targets- mechs, tanks, and air-support while being pressed into a number of combat roles.

What four mechs do you take?

I’ve been exploring this question, looking over some of my in-game notes, and I would go with four Blackjack mechs…

OK armor combined with speed and jump jets means it is going to be hard to pin down, and will have a movement option for both open engagement in woods and plains terrain, along with jump-capability for hills and cityfight.

AC/2 has the range to plink away, and while one Blackjack can put down some every-turn-harassment, 4 working as a team have the range and damage spread when firing on one target to put on a few hits each turn.

For close in work, 4 medium lasers X 4 is enough to engage plus the added fire from the AC/2.

Only dislike mission wise would be a lack of hands anywhere in the lance.

Your four medium mechs?

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2 Replies to “Battletech Tactics: Best 4 Medium Mech Lance”

    1. We will have to try this out after one of our regular BT games. I’ll laser card print four yellow Jenners and four Blackjacks…

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