Battletech Skirmish Units

Getting my forces ready for tonight’s game of BATTLETECH, playing my usual favorite mechs, and a few new ones, now I just have to pick my skirmish units to compliment my two lances.

What is a skirmish unit in Battletech?

My definition and place in the tactics.

Units that are first cheap in battle value and very fast moving. Stuff that can be in the middle of the table/hex-map or edges in one turn of full out movement. Units that can move fast enough to make a few complete turns on the hex/table. Units that have a mix of both long range and short range weapons- weapons on both extremes of the range.

I’m going to send these units up the sides of the table, using long range AC 2/5 shots to start throwing down some dice, sniping units, and maybe catching some motive hits on vehicles. Opposing air transports units like Karnovs are also good targets. We’ll shoot at mechs last, but we aren’t ruling them out.

When they get to the go-zone they are going to cut back in and start attacking from the rear- trying to score more rear armor/motive hits on vehicles, and back armor hits on mechs. When my mechs meet the opposing mechs and we are now both danger close blasting away with everything we can, the skirmish units move in quickly to use close range SRM weapons against rear facing targets.

Given the battle value of them, just how much damage do they do?

If 4-5 of these skirmish units equal a light-medium mech?

Well, it is BATTLETECH.

We can score a luck critical hit or a head shot.

But it is more about opportunity cost- getting an opponent to divide attention to both side of the table, get them to make decisions on which side to face, what units to send where. When you are only facing one side of the table, that decision is easy.


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