Battletech Mission Tactics & Battle Preperations

Plans are underway for this week’s BATTLETECH game…

Inner Sphere vs. Clans.

Here is the briefing.

12K  battle value, I’m playing Inner Sphere and we are set at the start of the invasion of the ‘Clans. There will be an objective to grab- some sort of los-tech in each deployment zone and the mission is to grab it and bring it back to your deployment zone.

So that task is going to be defend your zone and prevent the los-tech from being stolen, while making an end run into the other deployment zone to grab the ‘tech from your opponent.

I’m planning to go with a three pronged approach…

A hefty dose of infantry to dig in around the objective I need to defend backed up by some PPC carriers and Striker combat vehicles. PPC carriers and LRM packs on the strikers fire at stuff on the way in, infantry and SRM packs on the Strikers fire when they get close.

Swarm everything with infantry.

On the grab and run side I’m going to run some light mechs- a Stinger and a Valk with some fast moving hover units in support.

Third group will be the mechs- a mix of heavy and medium mechs to move to the center of the table and dig in- create a no-go zone to try and block and hold out anything.

Challenge is going to be any fast moving Clan mechs that are doing to drop off Elementals allowing them to deploy and swarm really quick.

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