Battletech Mech Tactics: Wolverine

Best Battletech medium mech in the game- early Succession War tech?

The Wolverine?

With many of the re-seen un-seen being not so great on the table, the Wolverine always seems to deliver when I play it…

A medium mech with decent speed and jump jets at 1101 battle value is about the max I’d like to pay. For many medium mechs I feel like jump jets are mandatory unless they have something quirky special going for them.

Light mechs have speed, say like the Locust, and jump jets are nice but speed is #1 at that weight class.

Heavy and assault mechs have armor.

Medium mechs don’t have the speed of light mechs, or the armor of heavy mechs, so I feel they need the ‘jets to balance that out.

The Wolvie has that.

The AC/5 gives you some ranged punch and a constant 5 damage potential every turn once in range all the way out to close range.

Getting closer the SRM-6 packs a decent short range punch, with the medium laser to back it up.

At close range with the jump jets that is a chance to get into position or out of a heavier firing arc and hit it back with the AC, SRM, and medium laser.

55 tons means death from above suddenly opens up as a viable option- at least for a crazy mech commander like myself.

55 tons crashing down on an Atlas has a good chance to crack that head.

A solid well rounded mech, perhaps like the Centurion, for a reasonable battle value.


3 Replies to “Battletech Mech Tactics: Wolverine”

  1. I LIKE the Wolverine. There are some really great choices in that 55 ton range, and I go back and forth between the Wolverine and the Griffin. The Wolverine’s armor is solid and the SRM 6 packs a nice punch. The 5/8/5 movement is good enough for this mech to get into whatever firing range/position it needs to be in. There’s a lot to like with this Mech. Do you find yourself going to the Wolverine or the Griffin more?

    1. 50/50 on both. I love the Griffin as a mobile sniper- getting into position for rear or damaging side shots and hitting with the PPC and LRM.

      Wolvie I find is an excellent brawler and wants to get stuck in for a medium Mech.

      If I was coming if age and inherited either Mech I’d be happy.

  2. I more or less agree, the only thing the Wolverine lacks is a good punch. The Griffin has a good punch in the PPC but not the heat sinks to deliver consistently, which the Wolverine can with its low heat weapons. That being said I’ll take the Wolverine mostly because I like the way it looks.

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