Battletech Mech Tactics: Wolverine Revisited

More and more I find the Wolverine to be an extremely well rounded performer- especially for a medium mech costing around ~1100 battle value.

We start off with the AC/5 which gives it something to do at range while it walks forward with the rest of the lance. One AC/5 certainly is not going to be considered dedicated long range support in any way, but it is putting some dice down field, especially useful at incoming vehicles to try and slow them down with some motive hits, or plinking away at light mechs.

Once we get to close range the Wolvie starts in with the SRM 6 and the medium laser, plus the autocannon which is effective at all range brackets- three weapons firing at close range…

…with jump jets for mobility.

I run the Wolverine in my lance walking with the heavy/assault mechs, and then using it for rear or side attacks on opposing mechs once we have closed- the jump jets allow it to position itself well.

In a pinch if the mission shifts or is thrown at me, it can also work as a recon-like mech with the range on the AC/5 to fire at other recon mechs while the armor, jump jets, and SRM 6/medium laser allows it to engage a variety of back field units like tanks and missile carriers.

Just have to be careful of any entrenched infantry.

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