Battletech Mech Tactics: Vindicator

Continuing our tabletop and tactica review of BATTLETECH medium mechs…

Sometimes you are not sure of the mission ahead, or even the terrain you are going to play on in your next game, so what mech do you take?

Something that can excel at a variety of roles, go solo if it needed, and at a reasonable amount of battle value…

…which is where I consider the Vindicator in terms of lance building.

As a medium mech with a decent amount of armor, jump jets, and a good weapons load out, ~1000 battle value is quite good.

I start thing off with the PPC- 10 points of damage you are potentially dealing every turn once you get into range, and at long range we are going to be chaining that with the LRM-5. Light mechs won’t want to eat this, Medium mechs will have to take notice, but we still want to stay clear of heavy/assault mechs as the Vindi is only a medium mech- it’s easy to forget that given the weapons and armor.

As we close we have the medium laser, the PPC, and at danger close range the small laser and a fist to start punching away at- but that means not using the PPC and LRM-5, so we try to not close if possible.

The mech also has jump jets, and while I know many players that won’t even consider a light or medium without them, the ‘jets when combined with the PPC and LRM make it an effective hit and run mech.

Need something that can do a bit of everything for a decent battle value and are not sure what mech to take vs. the mission: take a Vindicator.

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