Battletech Mech Tactics: Mercury

Sold as a replacement for the Wasp and Stinger mechs in Battletech the Mercury is a later edition to the game.

Given the more restrictive role of light mechs in the game, is another really needed?

Let’s put the Mercury through the checklist to see…

All light mechs begin with speed- as this is the real *armor* of the mech.

Add up those movement hexes and try to stay out of range so your opponent is at least trying to hit you on a 10+.

Mercury has the speed so it at least passes that.


Two medium lasers and two small lasers.

Actually some decent punch for a light mech, especially if engaging other light mechs or jousting them.

The real strength vs. other light mechs, and this is debatable is having all energy weapons and not being vulnerable to ammo explosions.

Light mechs when they do get hit tend to go to internals really fast.

But, does this make a difference, a real difference?

Most light mechs have such minimal armor they tend to core out or be disabled before taking ammo explosions.

How often is a light mech lost to internal explosions?

But, the Mercury is at least immune to these if that is a concern.

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