Battletech Mech Tactics: Cyclops

The name Cyclops sounds intimidating, but how does this mech hold up in the Battletech universe?

As an assault mech, and I believe in finding the best role possible for each mech in the game, I feel that the Cyclops is a challenge to play.

One of the unique points about Battletech is that the narrative is so interlaced into the game, that sometimes from a tabletop tactics point of view you have to dig a bit deep to separate it.

The Cyclops is one of those mechs.

In the narrative it’s powerful command and control electronics and computer make it a command mech- a front line command machine vs. a mobile HQ in the back, and it’s weapons load out is more for self-defense vs. going on the attack- as an assault mech.

In many of my big mission games I’ll take the mech to represent this narrative.

But strip away the narrative and what do we have?

OK speed and OK armor for an assault mech- but nothing stand out.

Weak long range weapons with only a single LRM 10 pack- making it more of an up and close mech with the AC 20, medium lasers, and the SRM 4.

Tactically I’m looking to close as quickly as I can, with the LRM firing off on the way in- but the real magic being the AC 20 and punching away using the tonnage of an assault mech to bash things.

A saving grace of the machine is that the AC 20 is in the right torso so you can fire it and punch away with both hands at the same time- with the medium lasers and SRM firing right before you close.

Certainly worse mechs in the game, but most of this mech seems to be tied up in the technical manual narratives.


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2 Replies to “Battletech Mech Tactics: Cyclops”

  1. Two things that stand out to me about this mech: low BV and high ammo. 20 shots for the Autocannon increases the “fear factor “ as you can take any shot up to 12s with no need to conserve. BV is lower than a WHM-6R so you’re not paying for an assault mech. Use like a Hunchback and it does pretty well.

    1. Regarding the AC 20- does one every run it dry in a game?

      As you say, the fear factor of it means, at least for me that as soon as I’m in range I start shooting- even if I need a “12” to hit. Time seems to stop when one is rolling the dice for an AC 20 to hit.

      I do also like the LRM on the cyclops- stuff to fire on the way in, medium lasers when at medium range, switch to the AC 20.

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