Battletech Mech Tactics: Crusader

An icon up there with the Warhammer, Marauder, and Battlemaser, the Crusader is a classic narrative in the Battletech universe- but how does it hold up and rank on the tabletop.

If you are unsure of what mech to take in your lance- perhaps the mission, terrain, and opposing forces are all unknowns, there are a few mechs which are so well rounded you can’t go wrong by selecting them- and the Crusader is one of them.

As a heavy mech it mounts two LRM 15 packs, 2 SRM 6 packs, 2 medium lasers, and two machine guns.

Right away it has redundancy- multiples of each weapon platform which right away increases your chances of hitting. LRMs are over the 10 pack threshold which means even if you roll average on the cluster chart the damage is still decent. SRM 6 packs are going to be brutal when close in fighting happens.

On the way in the Crusader has something to do at long range with the LRM 15 packs, allowing it to also operate as a long range support mech if needed, with indirect fire also.

Close the distance and now the medium lasers take over.

Get really close and the lasers, and SRM 6 packs come into play.

Get *really* close, with the location of the SRM 6 packs in the legs you can fire them AND punch away.

All for ~1300 battle value.

However, this is at a balance of heat- like many of the classic first generation mechs the Crusader is prone to overheat and bricked up with all the missile ammunition and machine gun ammo, is vulnerable to ammo explosions if things go internal critical.

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