Battletech Mech Tactics: Crab

Smaller brother to the King Crab, or a battlemech in its own right?

Continuing out Battletech mech reviews this week with the CRAB.

I find the Crab interesting in that it behaves very much like the Warhammer or Marauder in terms of fire control and discipline, operating at a medium mech level from much less battle value.

We start off with the two large lasers in the arms.

16 heat sinks means you can fire one no problem, or both every other turn- building a bit of heat and dispersing it- which does lay down a consistent amount of fire- 8-16 potential points a turn.

Once the Crab closes to medium range, it switches to the medium laser and one large laser, consistently firing every turn.

Again one could push it with all three and then cool for a turn.

Get even closer and now consistently fire the large, medium, and small laser- all with no minimums.

The Crab is a great all energy support mech, working well with other heavy and assault mechs that want to close with a primary target.

Down side is the main large lasers are in the arms, losing them means only a medium and small laser, but being an all energy mech means no loss of ammo explosions which does offset it.

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