Battletech Mech Tactics: The Assassin

The Assassin…

…which for this mech review I feel is anything but.

Sure any mech is better vs. being part of the dispossessed, but just what is the role of the Assassin mech in Battletech?

I struggle to find its role on the table. At 749 battle vale it is cheap enough, has OK armor, and good mobility, but the medium laser, LRM-5, and SRM-2 are kind of a mixed bag.

True we have a weapon for each range bracket- long, medium, and short, but it is only one or two we are firing, and we have to hit first and bypass any movement or terrain modifiers our opponent is throwing up.

Maybe if it was an LRM-10 and a large laser.

Is the role of the Assassin to dance around and add some damage at any range?

I often feel for the battle value I can get a better vehicle in cost and damage output.



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6 Replies to “Battletech Mech Tactics: The Assassin”

  1. I have wanted to love the Assassin for years. But I agree. It’s like getting that really cheap, small swiss army knife that has 3 dull blades that you can’t sharpen and they break off when you try to use any of them. I would rather take the stock Valkyrie at 723 points for the LRM10 upgrade. If I’m facing an Assassin, I’m probably ignoring it for as long as I can. It isn’t doing me any real damage, so I’ll focus on the mechs that are a threat. Any other mech on the table would probably be a bigger problem to deal with.
    If you have to take an Assassin, it is your job to make the enemy have to deal with it. it should be a harasser. Stay mobile. Draw fire. Plink into rear armor when you can. Contest objectives. Then, when it gets hairy, go get in close to the other side’s biggest mech and start kicking to force PSRs. Tie up the assaults in close combat. If that Atlas turns and shoots its AC20 on the Assassin, hit or miss, that should be considered a win for you. That’s as good as I’ve ever gotten for this mech.

    1. Played a game last week where an Assassin was part of a merc company holding a base, including a Vindicator and a Panther. PPC’s on the Vindi and Panther were hard to ignore, Assassin was easy to ignore and didn’t really do much. Agreed on the Valk with the LRM 10- which I feel is a BIG surprise on a light mech + the speed to get into position. Will still play the mech a bit more to try and find a spot for it- cool looking model tho.

      1. It is a sweet looking Mech, which is why I’ve tried so hard to love playing it. Even if it had MGs or flamers to make it an anti-infantry unit it would be a big improvement.

  2. The Assassin seems to be more of a search and rescue mech, for those scenario where a data core or operative needs to be discovered and picked up. When it gets upgrades in 3066, it just becomes a usable hit and run mech. In a 3025 game, I think I’d choose the Spider 5V or Clint 2-3T instead of the Assassin. Those two mechs are roughly the same BV but hit harder with comparable movement.

    1. The Clint seems very interesting, I don’t often see it on the table- the AC 5 and 2 Medium lasers with jump jets on a medium mech seem solid. Maybe its a House Davion only thing.

  3. The basic ASN-21 Assassin is a lot of wasted potential due to its weapon loadout and none of the variants really fixed this. It’s more of a ‘Mech to take in the Solaris 7 Free For All Arena games where you can survive the general chaos all around by jumping the full distance everything to avoid getting hit and take pot shots.

    The ASN-101 variant comes a little closer to the name sake. It reduces armor and movement profile to that of a classic JR7-D Jenner to strap on a trio of Small Lasers. Shoot LRMs at range and then after getting really close, harass with the rest of your armament. Unlike the Jenner, it can remain cool enough to keep doing so every turn. Still, this isn’t optimal and is a very dicey strategy.

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