Battletech Mech Review: Rifleman

Perhaps THE classic mech in Battletech.

The anti-air fire support icon of the inner sphere.

But beyond the tech manual, how does it perform on the table?

At long range the Rifleman starts off with a pair of AC/5s- which is a good start as it builds on redundancy- having multiples of each weapon at each range to give you the best chance of hitting.

Closing the range it shifts to a pair of large lasers- even better damage output, but this is where the mech starts to run into serious trouble- massive heat buildup and only 10 (!) heat sinks.

Move to close range and we have a pair of medium lasers.

The challenge is that once it switches to the lasers, the heat buildup is so great it can’t continuously fire them.

You are stuck with the dual AC/5 and maybe a laser shot here and there.

A heavy mech without the armor of heat to stay in the fight.

But as a support mech?

One that hands back and lays down long range fire?

With on the dual AC/5?

LRM mechs like the Archer and Longbow do it better.

If one really wants a ballistic support mech, look to the Jagermech.

A classic, but very flawed design, which just begs to be played as a variant.

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