Battletech Mech Review: Exterminator

Exterminator or Terminator.

This week’s BATTLETECH mech review has us exploring the Exterminator heavy mech- a unique piece in the narrative of inner sphere tech.

Designed to operate alone behind enemy lines, targeting lone mechs, supplies, and command structures, it is the ultimate shadow fighter.

But does this translate to the tabletop?

For inner sphere tech, Sucession era, playing it stock has some unique features…

A heavy mech with decent armor and above average speed for its weight is a good start- adding in jump jets, which is somewhat rare on a heavy mech gives it more mobility.

The mech has the mobility to engage, the armor to hand around a bit, and the jump jets to get away.

With regard to the super tech, its primary system is the null signature system, which when active nullifies the use of any active probe systems- beagle/bull dog.

This makes powering down and hiding in building and woods a really viable option if one is playing with those rules. Unless a mech or vehicles get point blank range it can be hard to detect.

Weapons wise it carriers a brace of medium lasers and an LRM 10 +  a small laser with double heat sinks to dissipate the heat. Four medium lasers has enough punch and redundancy at close range to put on the hurt, and on the way in and out the LRM 10 opens up options.

Don’t forget as a heavy mech your physical attacks have the tonnage to really hurt.

But the real super tech is the anti-missile system.

Against LRM and SRM missiles the cluster roll is made at a -4 penalty.

This means incoming missiles have to first hit, and then they get reduced.

Against single shot missile systems it a 50/50 chance to destroy it.

This makes the Exterminator very hard to engage at range- meaning if you can isolate and move on a single unit or target, and incoming units looking to reinforce and lay down some long range fire with LRM packs get reduced.

Close in mechs and support that use SRM packs for a punch get reduced.

Cutting down the damage output of missiles is huge in Sucession era games.

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