I want to like the Panther…

After all it does follow my BIG GUNS theory of lance building- a PPC on a light mech for under 800 battle value?

Here are some of the challenges I’ve noticed when fielding the mech:

PPC = 10 points of damage, equipped with enough heat sinks to run and gun seems good, but who am I running after? Light mechs with real speed start staking up the hex and range modifiers so I’m going to need 10+ to hit and it is only one shot. I *can* get a lucky shot, but over how many turns?

Slower targets like some medium mechs and tanks, along with targets I don’t want to engage like heavy and assault mechs I can hit, but the return fire will cripple/destroy me.

It has jump capability but not the speed to stack modifiers or make it an ambush style light mech like say the Jenner.

In smaller battle value games say 2000 points or so it has power, but in those games if we are playing total warfare rules I can get some tanks to give me more boom boom for less or equal cost.

I find it a mech to easily get seduced over its BFG.

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