Battletech Mech Analysis: Ostsol

On the opposite side of my LRM focused list, I have a close-in-assault mech list that I like to run using lots of short range AC/20 weapons, a few quirky mechs (the urbie) for the lolz, and a number of dedicated energy mechs- in this post taking a look at the Ostsol.

With an energy mech we don’t have to worry about ammo in theory- as does one every really run out of ammo in a game? BUT with ammo there is the chance of an internal explosion from a crit hit or heat. Energy based mechs ignore this, making them much more durable as it takes a bit more ton for ton to put them down if you don’t score a luck head or engine hit.

I use the Ostsol as my close in mech for when I have to physically grab an objective or hold a certain point. With two large and medium lasers in the front, and two medium lasers in the back it can fire all is gunz and grab stuff or brawl away. As a heavy mech it can take some damage, and is a bit more resilant due to the nergy weapons and potentially being a zombie mech- arms blown off but weapons still up.


The Grasshopper, perhaps does it better?

Not a full energy mech but the small LRM ammo doesn’t seem like that much of a threat.


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3 Replies to “Battletech Mech Analysis: Ostsol”

  1. When have you run out of ammo? The Archer. I have run out of LRM20 shots with an Archer. Beyond that? I really can’t think of it. Usually, if you are walking a mech with an AC20 into a fight it is over one way or the other before you can run out of ammo.
    Energy mechs really are more durable and I don’t know that you can stress enough that if you are carrying ammo, it will take a crit and your mech will burn. CASE is your friend, as is the “dump ammo” action when you are getting into a really vulnerable place. But energy mechs also run a lot hotter, so you have to slow down your rate of fire, which means less damage dealt, which means longer matches!

    1. In my LRM list- 2 Longbow + 2 LRM carriers and maybe an Archer, I have never really come close to running out of ammo- and this is with indirect fire and taking every and any shot that I could. These are one off battles, a campaign might be different. I do use a lot of amoo for my missile builds, but on the stuff for MG’s and autocannons I’ve been thinking about starting the game with half or less.

  2. Ya, try running ammo dependent mechs or vehicles in a campaign where you have to track and replenish ammo. You are not always going to have reloads available.

    Having a mostly/all energy build is great, and in many cases mechs who do just have to monitor heat levels a bit better. I think per ton/dmg energy weapons dole out more heat.

    Grasshoppers are awesome because of this!

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