Battletech Light Mech Tactics

Let’s work on building some light mech tactica to keep in mind on the tabletop.

You are never going to be able to trade up to a medium or heavy if your mech gets shot out from under you…

First tactica rule- always keep moving the maximum distance, keeping turns and facings down to a minimum as they subtract from hexes traveled.

Pretend your light mech has no armor- because even the heavier armored light mechs don’t, so *speed* is your armor in not getting hit.

Second to this is range- always try to stay as far away as possible, so if you are getting shot at there is another set of modifiers being stacked on for your opponent to hit.

Range + hexes moved.

Third layer if possible is cover and facing, which is not always possible to gain. Can you move into light cover, or something that blocks incoming fire from parts of your mech?

Can you stay outside of an opposing mechs front firing arc?

Attacking with a light mech, even those that fit the *attack* role such as the Panther or Jenner is secondary to movement. Additionally many light mechs only have one primary weapon- a medium laser or missile pack, which lacks the redundancy of medium or heavy mechs.

Positioning makes up for this when attacking- trying to get into position to shoot at rear armor, or hit a facing of the mech that is perhaps already weak.

But not at the cost of not moving.

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