Battletech Kickstarter: July 17th: Clan Invasion & New Plastic Mechs

Well, even I didn’t quite see this one coming.

Makes my summer Kickstarter plans real easy, go all in.

Catalyst is jumping off on the 17th with a new Clan Invasion box set, along with two new sets of plastic mechs, plus hints at other options and stretch goals.

I know they have Kickstarters some things in the past, but is releasing more Battletech stuff like this a new direction?

It seems like they just can’t keep up with stocking the two current new box sets, so clearly there is a demand.

Perhaps Catalyst feels they can’t keep up with the demand of a second wave of sets, so why not Kickstart is and get all the money up front with no risk?

Didn’t they get a massive cash infusion from D&D Dragonfire?

My fear, as a Battletech player, is that if I don’t go all in on the KS, I can’t count on any of it actually making it to retail later on. It’s not a question of FOMO, but of eventual acquisition.

I will say that they current production value of the sets and mechs is beyond top notch, it really has brought Battletech into 2019- and I would expect nothing less of these new sets, making the buy in even easier.

I really do need that new Marauder.

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