Battletech Infantry Tactics

When you are used to playing a mech heavy list, as in paying the battle value for some of these war-machines suddenly tanks and infantry look dirt cheap…

…and with infantry in the game being dirt cheap is there EVER a reason not to take a few stands, if one is playing by the total warfare rules?

I’ve been playing around with various infantry combinations over the past few games in and in medium to higher battle value games: 5-6K my setup fills out like this.

First group of infantry are fully air-mobile and look to quickly occupy a key point on the table ahead of any advancing opposing units where they can dig in and have those opposing units and mechs pass by. Only the most dedicated are selected for this role as they are tasked with engaging the full brunt of the opposing lance(s). The aim is to cause some damage and delay the opposing lance for a few turns from key positions to other elements in my list can get into position ahead and first.

Second group are APC/infantry units- usually 2-4 goblins who push ahead of my main lance as skirmishers, with the Goblin for the battle value being a surprisingly good tank- armor, large laser, mobility, turret.

The final group of infantry is just that a few blobs of foot infantry who dig in on my objectives or a fall back zone if my lance has to retreat and then make a counter attack/riposte.

Is there every a reason NOT to take infantry?


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3 Replies to “Battletech Infantry Tactics”

    1. First source for me is Amazon- many of the mechs and tanks there you can get with free shipping. If I can’t find a mech on AZ I’ll check out the Ironwind Metals site- prices are OK but you pay for shipping- they also have a good selection of different infantry. I’ll also troll eBay, but that is VERY hit or miss- expensive mechs, stuff painted that can’t be stripped, etc. but sometimes you can find a good deal.

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